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Steel-clad MGO functional board


Product Description:

MGO sulphate-based functional board(Steel-clad MGO functional board for exhaust duct use)

The surface layer of fire-proof MGO sulphate board is covered by single-sided or double-sided color steel, with the characteristics of waterproof, anti-bending, heat insulation, sound insulation, non-toxic, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient construction and other advantages, it is widely used in basement fire and smoke exhaust systems and large-scale projects such as hotels, shopping malls, and hospitals.

Fire performance: passed the test of the National Fire Protection Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, meeting the requirements of GB8624-2006, GB/T20285-2006, GB/5464-2010. It has a fire-resistant capacity exceeding 1000℃, and the fire-resistant time of 14mm thick plates is ≥1H; the fire-resistant time of 18mm thick plates is ≥2H.

Thermal insulation performance: Passed the fire resistance limit test, when the external temperature reaches 1000 ℃, the temperature inside the air duct is constant (about 180 ℃), which fully meets the thermal insulation required by the design.

Anti-corrosion, anti-acid and non-toxic: the core material is composed of inorganic mineral materials such as magnesium oxide and magnesium oxysulfide, which has anti-corrosion, anti-acid and alkali characteristics, and will not deform in a humid basement environment.

Bending strength: the perfect combination of steel and soft, with both the toughness of color steel and the rigidity of core material, strong bending resistance.


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