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I once worked for an MGO board company in Nanjing during year 2015-2017. The clients I cooperated were very good and we often discussed through Skype about how to improve the quality of boards, for example the stability of density of each production batch, the packaging of pallets inside the container...I have solved clients complaints about the holes and debris on front side of the surface, the difference in color and so on... I was highly recognized by clients and thanked by clients on helping them calculating the placement of boards of different sizes and quantities in order to make the best use of the container and satisfy clients needs.    

Then I went back with my wife to my hometown which I will introduce later. My brother had asked me for many times to work in his MGO board factory in my hometown and I rejected him since I dont think he was ready for the exportation business because he was good at production and installation then. So I worked for a pilot machinery trading company and learned a lot on company operation and management. Now the brothers worked together and he is responsible for the production and I responsible for the exportation business.

As I said, let me introduce to you about my home town, the city of BENGBU that located by the bank of HUAI RIVER, known as pearl cityfor its pearl farming in ancient times and was the birthplace of HUAI RIVER culture and part of Chinese civilization. The transportation advantages was obvious here, the BENGBU PORT and rail-sea inter-transportation cast down the transportation cost to export the goods to nations all around the world. The bullet train helps us to reach Beijing in 3 hours and Shanghai in 2 hours and Nanjing in 40 minutes.

BENGBU FIREPROOF SHELTER IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD  mainly specialized in the innovation, manufacturing, distributing the fireproof MGO board, fiber cement board, decorative wall board as well as other related building materials. Our products can be divided into three series, one is MGO board series and another is fiber cement board series, and the third one is inner and outer door decorative board series. We have two factories and one exhibition room (MGO board factory 16,000, Fiber cement board factory 30,000, exhibition room 150㎡). The factories are withfullproductionlines frommixingmachine to cuttingmachine and board curingroom to ensure the most suitable temperature and moisture. The boards we produced dont allow any fungi, mold or mildew grow, as they are made of synthetic material only, which contains no hazardous components.

I sincerely welcome clients from the word to visit us and enjoy the local culture the my hometown in the city of BENGBU. I wait for you here. Thank you!



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